Magnetic Island Wildlife

Rock Wallabies
Geoffrey Bay is home to Magnetic Island’s friendliest Rock Wallabies that will eat out of your hand at their dusk feeding time at Bremner Point.  You can purchase Wallaby Food from var...
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Toad Races
+61747785177 Website
The Arcadia Village Hotel is the home to the famous Cane Toad Races that are held every Wednesday night from 8pm. Bet on the winning toad, give it a “smooch” and the prize money i...
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Bungalow Bay Koala Village
07 4778 5577 Website
If you’ve ever dreamed of cuddling a koala, then a visit to Bungalow Bay Koala Village is the next MUST on your ...
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Aquasearch Lab & Aquarium
07 4778 5096 Website
See coral reef marine fish, including ‘Nemo’ clownfish and ‘Dory’ the blue tang, hard and soft corals, anemones, sea urchins and tubeworms. ...
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