Artspace on Magnetic Island

Looking for art of Magnetic Island to take back with you? Stop by one of Magnetic Island’s favourite gift shops!

Just a 2 min walk from Nelly Bay is a cute, quiet and art-packed gift shop packed with beautiful landscape and wildlife photography and other island-inspired art. It’s truly a jewel of the island, and something on your ‘ things to do’ list that you simply do not want to miss!

Artspace Magnetic Island features the photographic works by the owner, Award-Winning photographer MaryAnne Law, who has spent her career capturing the island’s calming bays and beaches, and vibrant scenes of animal life.

Every canvas in the store is fully stretched out and attached to a wooden frame, ready to be presented on your wall.

Magnetic Island Photographic Art Shop

Souvenirs have become a collective way that we’ve come to remember the places we’ve been to before.

So why not take some of the most beautiful sights on Magnetic Island into a hired car before you go?

  • Sights from Nelly, Picnic, Alma, Rocky, Radical, Balding, Florence, Horseshoe, Geoffrey and Picnic Bay
  • Colourful native birds (like our favourite, rainbow lorikeets!)
  • Cute koalas and rock wallabies
  • Green tree frogs
  • Jewel-toned teal or azure Giant Clams

MaryAnne Law’s photography prints features landscapes and panoramic views of the island’s sweeping coastlines and silky soft flowing waterfalls - as well as native animal life in full or square canvas. If you love a gift with extra utility, why not opt for a photo printed clock?

Unique & Creative Gifts

Magnetic Island photographs, framed and mounted, are not all that you’ll find when you visit the tranquil boutique in Nelly Bay. Artspace on Magnetic Island is a great place to pick up some other creative souvenirs or gifts that will make any recipient deeply appreciative.

Find painted stoneware pottery, handcrafted by island potters. Buy pots, decorative vases, as well as plates, bowls, mugs and teacups that you can use (and incite exciting conversation around the dinner table). There are also mini sculptures and figurines of marine life, paintings, photograph-printed magnets, cute and quirky towels, pinecone art, soothing hand cream and lotions, and more.

Giving something interesting, beautiful and unusual to find for anybody, no matter the budget.

Have any questions? Ask our friendly staff, your tour guide for your next special adventure.