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Horseshoe Bay

The largest bay on Magnetic Island, Horseshoe Bay is a north facing beach with stunning sunsets throughout the winter months.

07 4758 1177

With the largest selection of groceries on Magnetic Island, IGA offers home delivery on select days of the week.

Magnetic Island Italian Restaurant Mamma Roma
07 4778 5456

Little Italy is in the Picnic Bay Mall with Mamma Roma servicing delicious authentic Italian Pizza, Pasta, and more!

Horseshoe Bay Ranch
07 4778 5109

Horseshoe Bay Ranch is currently closed for horse riding and tours. Enjoy the scenic beauty of Horseshoe Bay, its wildlife, beach, lagoon and hinterland followed by a thrilling bareback ride with your horse in the cool clear waters of the Coral Sea.

Magnetic Island Bike Hire

Bike Hire is available from Fish n Fuel in Nelly Bay with the option to hire a push bike, or get a little extra assistance from an electric bike.