A Guide to Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is a laid back, tropical island paradise, located only a short 20 minute ferry ride from Townsville.

Situated within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Magnetic Island is loved for its natural beauty, stunning palm lined beaches, fringing coral reefs, granite boulders, hoop pines and amazing coral sea vistas. Magnetic island is the perfect holiday destination with quality accommodation options, delicious cafes and restaurants, kilometres of golden sandy beaches and warm tropical waters. 

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Is Magnetic Island worth visiting?

On the island you can sink into private sparkling crystal bays, hiking paths and nature walking trails with so much to see and explore. Magnetic Island is a place for adventure with lots to do and even more to experience.

And if we still haven’t convinced you, here are more reasons why you should visit Magnetic Island.

Enjoy an affordable vacation: There are not many places where you can enjoy the full vacation experience for such a competitive rate. Resorts, villas and listed properties on Magnetic Island offer so much beautiful features and amenities. With careful attention to design as well as features like full suite air conditioning, swimming pools and beachfront views to keep us happy. While being on offer for incredibly affordable rates.

You can enjoy charming listed properties or bungalows for around $150 per night, while both getting to stay close to the beach as well as the shopping part of town.

Take great pictures: Whether it’s wide panoramic views of the island, wide-sweeping azure coastlines, or all the tropical trees, animals and plant life there’s a lot to see and capture in your memories forever. With over 800 koalas estimated on the island, it’s a great time to say hello to one if you haven’t in the wild. You can hire a topless car to drive around and better take clear shots of the island, as well as really experience the fresh salt air breeze as you go around the coast.

There are only some things you will see on Magnetic Island:

Not everyone sees the North Eastern region of Queensland, which means there will be some sights that only you and fellow vacationers will have really gotten to see. If you are lucky you might be able to see endangered Rock Wallabies. The island is also home to some abandoned forts and other historic relics to discover.

We think it’s what makes visiting Magnetic Island in Townsville both such a rewarding and immersive experience.


Located off the sunny city of Townsville, Magnetic Island is an island getaway dream destination with no shortage of things to do, natural wonders to explore and places to stay. Our top attractions and activities include:

  • Hire a car and take a day trip exploring Magnetic Island’s most scenic beaches and historical hiking trails
  • Ride a jetski or enjoy a day of snorkelling on Horseshoe Bay
  • Brave the scenic Nelly Bay to Arcadia Trail
  • Enjoy a Pro Dive experience off Magnetic Bay’s coast
  • Enjoy Nelly Bay’s shopping and tourist district
  • Spend the nights on the waterfront in one of 160 Magnetic Island accommodation options.

The best way to get to Magnetic Island is to take a ferry from Townsville. You have two ferries available to you. The Magnetic Island ferry takes just 25-minutes (for passengers only) or 45-minutes if you wish to take your car. Meanwhile, the Sealink ferry also gives you the option to travel from Townsville to travel as a passenger. Simply leave your car on the mainland at Breakwater Ferry Terminal in Townsville.

Magnetic Island is an island 8 kilometres offshore of Cleveland Bay from the city of Townsville, Queensland, Australia. It is considered a suburb of Townsville.

Magnetic Island is 52 sq. km (20.1 sq mi) of mountainous island.

As a suburb of Townsville and only 10km north of the city, Magnetic Island is administered by the Townsville City Council.

Magnetic Island is steeped in history. When Captain Cook had passed the island on his voyage in June 1770, the island had a magnetic effect on the ship’s compass. He then dubbed it ‘Magnetical Island or Headland’ in his journal. He dictated that the compass “‘would not travis well when near it”.

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