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Picnic Bay

Picnic Bay jetty is a great location to try your lucky at fishing, or to simply sit and watch the sun set while taking in the views of the Townsville coastline in the distance.

Rocky Bay

Rocky Bay is a favourite with sun lovers, and is a secluded beach that can be reached from a track leading down from the lookout between Picnic and Nelly bays.

Geoffrey Bay

Located in Arcadia, Geoffrey Bay is home to friendly Rock Wallabies. These Wallabies have made their home at the old Arcadia ferry landing, and will eat out of your hand around their feeding time of dusk.

Alma Bay

Located in Arcadia, Alma Bay is a popular swimming beach with good accessibility for less mobile visitors. The bay is patrolled by Lifeguards year-round with red and yellow flags markign the safest swimming area for beach goers.

Magnetic Island Beaches Remote Arthur Bay

Arthur Bay is a part of both the National and Marine Parks and home to some of the best snorkeling on Magnetic Island.

Radical Bay

Radical Bay is a relaxing North facing beach that is very popular with visitors to Magnetic Island.

Balding Bay

Balding Bay is a hidden gem that can be reached by walking a track starting from either Horseshoe or Radical Bay.

Horseshoe Bay

The largest bay on Magnetic Island, Horseshoe Bay is a north facing beach with stunning sunsets throughout the winter months.