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Horseshoe Bay Beaches

The largest bay on Magnetic Island, Horseshoe Bay is a north facing beach with stunning sunsets throughout the winter months.

At 3kms wide you can enjoy a long sandy walk along the beach, with the east end of the beachfront the starting location of a walking track to Balding and Radical Bays.

There is a specially designed swimming enclosure installed for the summer months to assist in protecting swimmers from stingers, and the beachfront is patrolled by lifesavers year round.

The bay has lots of water sports activities available for visitors to try during their stay.

The grassy foreshore has a children's playground, public BBQs and picnic tables, and is the location of the Sunday Markets.

There are a number of cafes and restaurants along the beachfront Pacific Drive allowing visitors a variety of choice.

A skate park, tennis court, and AFL field can be found back from the beachfront along Horseshoe Bay Road.